FILLMORE TOWNSHIP, Allegan County, Michigan
    Established 1849
E-Mail: Phone: 269-751-7655 Fax: 269-751-6065
From the Supervisor
     This being the first time I've had to greet you as Supervisor, I would like to thank-you for all the support I have received in the first 8 months of office. Being part of Township Govenment for approximately 25 years has been helpful in assuming the Supervisor position. Having been a resident of the Township my entire life, I believe we live in a very special place and hope to help preserve that quality for generations to come.
      The Board passed the 2013-2014 budget at its regular March meeting, The Board takes very seriously the monies afforded us and how it can be best spent.
       The Township one again has a full time Allegan County Deputy, thanks to your passage of a millage to support this service. Deputy Ray Retamal started April 9 and will be patrolling Fillmore and Overisel Township. Our Boards have purchased a new Ford Police Interceptor vehicle for Ray's use.
       The opprotunity to refinance our Water-Sewer Bond was completed. Because of low interest rates, the Township will be saving $268,000 over the term of the Bond.
Have a safe summer!